Pete Uglow

Infidelity Coach

“I help married couples who are dealing with the pain and betrayal of infidelity to understand what went wrong and build an affair-proof marriage for the future. I teach them about the phenomenal healing power of true unconditional love, which is the kind of love we all long for.”

Pete Uglow
Pete And Nikki Uglow

Pete Uglow became an infidelity coach in 2012. Since then, he and his wife, Nikki Uglow, have helped many individuals with both conflict and crisis in their area. Teaching couples how to overcome pain, understand the circumstances and create recovery plans, Pete and Nikki Uglow have taught many couples the principls of unconditional love.

As a relationship-coach, Pete Uglow strives to help couples find a solution to their problems and grow in love. With a remarkable ability to inflict change, Nikki and Pete Uglow teach individuals the power of unconditional love. Together, Pete and his wife run a private coaching company, which helps couples who have experienced infidelity in their relationship move quickly past the pain and learn how to create a beautiful future together.


Having gone through similar circumstances themselves, both Pete and Nikki have first hand experience with crisis. Much like everyone else, the root cause of problem was their lack of unconditional acceptance. Having gratefully come out on the other side, both Nikki and Pete have dedicated their lives to transforming marriages in the UK and beyond, with the phenomenal power of unconditional

Apart from crisis, Pete Uglow takes pride in helping people navigate relationships. With his personable approach, Pete Uglow has proudly helped lots of couples avoid divorce. Through his transparency and unparalleled ability to speak to the reality of situations, Pete has made an impact on the lives of many individuals and hopes to do the same for years to come.

Pete & Nikki invite you to scroll through the quotes below and If you need help, please do get in touch.


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