Getting married is one of the most prominent times of someone’s life. And after months of planning, the big day has finally come and gone. Now, after the honeymoon, it’s time to settle into a routine of work and life as a married couple. The current divorce rate in the United States is 40 percent, but why? There are many factors that can ultimately lead to the downfall of a marriage, and nearly all of them spawn from a lack of effective communication and time spent together.

Post-nuptial life is not the idyllic bliss many couples envision before they walk down the aisle; love develops in stages, and many couples do not understand how to interpret and respond to the companionship stage of their romantic relationship. What can evolve into comfort and security seems dull and void of passion to others; those who invest too much time into their careers run the risk of feeling like their entire relationship has vanished right in front of them.

The Importance of a Work-Life Balance in a Marriage

Everyone needs to balance their career and personal life to be a well-rounded, mentally healthy individual. While focusing on one’s own mental health can be challenging enough for the zealously ambitious, it can feel insurmountable when it comes to marriage.

In addition to “me time,” couples must prioritise moments to spend together, too. After work, it’s vital that spouses take time to sit down, enjoy each other’s company and share things about their day. This can be a challenge for many who wish to simply come home and “shut off” their brains after a stressful work period. Doing this can make a partner feel neglected and locked out of their spouse’s life, which ultimately leads to resentment, hurt feelings and arguing later.

By making sure personal time, couple time and professional endeavours are all equally prioritised, couples can reduce the risk of falling out of touch with one another as they focus on their careers.

Tips for Managing Work and Marriage

There are several ways couples can begin to prioritise each other in the midst of their busy work lives. First and foremost, they should never stop trying to date the other person. Too many spouses feel like their relationship has peaked after marriage and expect it to stay that way forever. Partners need to be loved, supported, encouraged and cared for no matter how long they’ve been together.

While time does alter the way couples relate to and communicate with one another, a person’s effort should never wane, nor should they take their relationship for granted simply because it’s been there long enough.